"We provide decent, safe and sanitary  
      For our residents. We rent  
             Apartments, Houses and Duplexes"

                   Equal Housing Opportunity and Fair Housing
We want to make sure that people do not use these rental units for illegal activities, are respectful of others and the rental property. To that end, we have a thorough screening process. 

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY. If you feel that you meet the screening criteria, please apply. 
We are Equal Housing Property Management Company. We do not discriminate on the basis of Race, Color, National Origin, Sex, Religion, Marital Status, Source of Income, Familial Status, Handicap of Disability, Age or Sexual Orientation.

We do discriminate, however, on the basis of how a person pays rent, obeys the law, handles professional relationships, and treats property and neighbors. We work with neighbors and other landlords in the area to maintain the quality of the neighborhood. We want to find tenants who will enjoy the neighborhood and who will be a good neighbors. 

Completely filling out the application is the first step in becoming a successful applicant. While we try to be as objective as possible, we will exercise judgment in evaluating applications. If you feel that the information in a given blank on the application does not tell the whole story, that it warrants further explanation, please tell us more – on the back or a separate piece of paper. 

1. Complete and Signed the Rental Application. Incomplete or Unsigned Application will NOT be processed.
Completed Application must include the following Required Forms:
» Rental Reference Request  - Applicant must fill out the Current/Previous Landlord(s) contact information and sign that the applicant(s) is Authorizing the Management to request a Rental History. 
» Employment Verification - Applicant must fill out the Employer(s) contact information and sign that applicant is Authorizing the Management to request a verification of employment or Two(2) weeks of most current pay stubs of each income source.
» If self-employed, most current tax return may required.
»  Other proof of Income Source may be required.
Please NOTE that a completed application requires submission of the following which will be copied and attached to the Applicaiton.
Below are examples of ID Identification.
» Idenfication Card(i.e: Driver's License, State ID or any other ID which must include a Photograph and verify the applicant's identity).
» Social Security Card or any proof of Social Security Number. (Proof of Social Security Number will be used during the screening process. Failure to provide this information may delay the application process.
2. Be prepared to wait at least 1 to 10 business day(s) for the application verification process.
3. If all Information and Documents are gathered completely, we will call for an interview schedule.
4. Applicant will be required to be screened to meet the final resident screening criteria. 
5. Pay the non-refundable credit and criminal background screening fee of $40.00.
6. If application is approved and the unit is selected and ready to move in. Applicant must:
» Pay the Required Security Deposit. 
» Pay first month Rent.
» Sign the Rental Agreement, Rules & Regulations and all other documents.